My Music - Then & Now

Hear the music I’ve written that spans the two differing landscapes of my life.
For 25 years in the band THE QUADS and now, the exciting project of spiritual music, SONGS OF GRACE, HOPE & LAMENT. Connect to 'bandcamp' to listen.

The Music Then

Once upon a time, I was lead singer with my 2 brothers in the punk new wave band The Quads from Birmingham England. Our hit single "There Must Be Thousands" was selected by legendary BBC DJ John Peel as his ‘single of the decade’ and on his sad passing, found in his box of 100 favourite records. We continued to stay together and record for another 20 years and on this page are previously unreleased songs recorded mainly at UB 40’s Dep Studios. Help support my ongoing creative endeavours by purchasing these songs and know that this is very gratefully appreciated. Read more of THE QUADS story ...

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The Music Now

3 of the deep bass notes of life are Grace, Hope and the often-neglected Lament.
On this page is a link to songs birthed and recorded so far for the upcoming album. I hope they enrich your spiritual walk and times of worship. Along with many others around the planet I’ve become increasingly aware of the need for a return to a more ‘indigenous spirituality’. A recognition that we need to live in a respectful relationship of kinship and harmony with the environment and each other. Collaborative, co-operative - not competitive. I’m in the process of a project to reflect this in future recordings by integrating Te Reo Māori, the indigenous language of Aotearoa/New Zealand, onto the album. Enjoy!

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